Officially established and operated in 2003, Thien Nam Confectionery Company’s starting point is the Domestic Trade Group of Business Department of Thien Nam Trading Import-Export Joint Stock Company (TENIMEX).
During more than 10 years, Thien Nam Confectionery Company has become one of the leading confectionery
importers & distributors in Vietnam.
Nowadays, ThienNam Confectionery Company, in Vietnam market, is the exclusive importer & distributor dealing in biscuits, candies, chocolate with the very highest quality from the food manufactures that have the high-tech & prestigious reputation all over the world.
On 31st March 2009, Thien Nam Confectionery has made a turning point in history of formation and development with the establishment of ThienNam Confectionery Co., Ltd (CCTN). .
2009: CCTN’s distribution channel spreads from North to South of Vietnam.



CCTN deals in 08 brands from manufactures that have the high-tech & prestigious reputation all over the world.

+ Beryls Chocolate (Malaysia)
+ Fruit Cavendish & Harvey Candy (C&H – Germany)
+ Martinellis Juice (U.S)
+ Wine (French)
+ Mieszko Chocolate (Poland)

+ Solidarnosc Chocolate (Poland)
+ Fox’s Biscuit (England)

+ Royal Biscuit (Denmark)

– 2010: CCTN promotes products diversification strategy by distributing more brands:

+ Dan Cake Biscuit (Portugal)
+ Garden Biscuit (Hong Kong)
+ Silang Biscuit (PRC)

– 2011: CCTN develops new brands with products imported from Europe:

+ Walker’s Candy (United Kingdom)
+ Desobry Biscuit (Belgium)

– 2012: CCTN signs Strategic Partner Contract with Phuong Hien Trade Service Import-Export Company in distributing products in Hanoi & North Vietnam market. CCTN develops one more new brand:

+ Nougat Golden Bonbon (Canada)

– 2013: CCTN develops some new brands:

+ Eichetti Chocolate (Germany)
+ Hans Freitag Biscuit (Belgium)
+ Riberhus Biscuit (Denmark)
+ Jacobsens Biscuit (Denmark)
+ Fox’s Biscuit (England)

– 2014: CCTN develops new brands:

+ Campbells Biscuit (England)
+ Farmhouse Biscuit (England)
+ Verquin Candy (France)

– 2015: CCTN develops one more brand:

+ Elbfein Biscuit (France)

Mission & Vision:

CCTN’s Mission:

Bring the reputable confectionery products all over the world with good quality, luxury design & reasonable price to Vietnamese consumers; make community’s life become better.

CCTN’s Vision:

Aim to become one of the leading Confectionery Importers & Distributors in Vietnam market.


Distributed System:

Tại Việt Nam, CCTN phân phối sản phẩm đến người tiêu dùng qua hệ thống các siêu thị, đại lý khu vực và các điểm bán lẻ trên toàn quốc.